Our premier author Tarshia Stanley chose her nom de plume Carolina Knight as an homage to her home state. She remembers summer days spent playing in her grandparents' yard in rural North Carolina as hot and humid.

I never thought the days were all that special, but I looked forward to the evenings. After work the adults would gather on the front porch, build a "smoke" to chase away the mosquitoes, and tell the most awesome lies. You could always catch a cool breeze and a good story. I would look up at the stars, listen to the stories and think how beautiful everything was at night.

Carolina is better known as Tarshia Stanley. She shares why she chose to use a pen name.

I am an English Professor and have published several articles, edited an encyclopedia for Greenwood Press, and have more work forthcoming. Since my academic writing and my fiction are so different, I wanted a way of expressing these facets of my creative and professional personalities.

When asked about her audience Carolina had this to say:

"I decided to write the book I wanted to read.  I wanted to remember the way my community operated when I was growing up. I wanted to recall their language and their sense of family. I wanted a little romance, but also to signify on a grander text. What I didn't want was to be overwhelmed by titillating imagery; I study representations in popular culture for a living--so I needed a break from that. I guess instead of 50 Shades of Grey I needed only two or three, and then I needed those to be brown."

The author was laughing as she said the last line.

For more more about our author visit www.carolinaknight.com.

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